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Your goal is to sum numbers when you sum two 4s it becomes 8, two 8s become 16, two 16s becomes 32, two 32s comes 64 and so on, You need to collect 2048 to become a winner. 2048 is the popular single-player puzzling block game that is widely enjoyed by gamers of all ages.

The prime objective of the game is to slide the tiles containing numbers on the grid so as to combine them and create the tile with the 2048. Even after reaching the goal, the players can continue playing it and creating tiles even with a larger number than 2048.

The game is played on the gray 4×4 grid and the grid comprises numbered tiles which can slide easily when players desire. The tiles are moved using the four arrow keys available on the screen. Every time the player moves a tile a randomly selected tile with number will appear in the empty space of the grid with a value ranging from 2-4.

The goal of the player is to combine the tiles and create the number 2048 to win the levels. You can’t imagine how cool is math, Try this cool  game and test your math and puzzle skills. This cool game was created by Gabriele Cirulli. This game is a perfect example of how math can be the best way to have fun.