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Sonsaur is Your premier platform for the best online gaming experience. Free Online Games on Sonsaur provide you with hours of entertainment at your fingertips. We have something for everyone’s tastes, whether you’re into racing, Sports, Shoot-em-up’s or Adventure, we have a selection that will blow your mind! Our platform offers both io, and HTML5 games to suit any device or browser. We have a lot of Action Games titles by different popular categories like Sports games, Puzzle Games, and numerous Running games, Racing games, and Adventure games. IO gaming is taking the mobile gaming by storm, select your favorite title, and enjoy for free!

Best HTML5 Games for Mobile and PC

HTML5 games are cross-platform, meaning that you can enjoy your favorite game on any PC or mobile device, giving you more flexibility in your gameplay. However, the benefits of HTML5 aren’t limited to gamers only, they offer an excellent opportunity for anyone who plays games from time to time. With our selection of HTML5 games, you can enjoy playing them on Sonsaur. Our showcase of HTML5 includes options such as Strategy and Puzzles, as well as Action, Racing, Shooting, Sports, and Adventure. We have the best HTML5 available for players, select your favorite one, and get started!

Popular IO Games

Io games are so popular today, It’s easy to understand how this genre of games is so popular, considering the ease of gameplay and accessibility. As the first to gain traction to a global audience, io is gaining momentum as more people are playing games on their devices. As the io games gained traction with the gaming community, io became a trend with developers, and the domain name defined a new generation of online games. The io format is a tremendous success, with millions of gamers around the world enjoying games in their browser. Our range of io games will keep you entertained for hours. Stacked at school? need to waste some free time wisely? say no more, try our unblocked games for school and office, tons of handpicked games available on Sonsaur, Enjoy!