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Action Turnip

Action Turnip is a flash game that is worth a try for gamers or people who want to waste their time wisely while having fun playing funny games.

Raitendo developed Action Turnip. This game is unique because your character is a turnip that can jump and shoot enemies. You will face enemies like one-eyed bats and some spaceships. Collect as many scores as possible by jumping and killing your enemies.

There will be obstacles along the way, like gaps or cliffs, that can kill you when you are not careful enough to jump on them. Some power-ups can give you different effects when you get them. Some of them make you able to do a double jump and fire bigger bullets, and some can change the game’s art and graphics.

Action Turnip Unblocked

It is like the turnip is taking some pills and making it experience a psychedelic effect. This Action Turnip game has minimalist graphics that look like pictures, using only MS Paint software. These simple graphics are pretty charming. The background music made by Pelle Och Ponta in this game is also superb and quite funny. If you finally get bored with the game, you may still enjoy the music. On the Internet, many people enjoyed playing this Action Turnip unblocked match.

It has a lot of good reviews from its fans. But just like any other game, this game will make you bored eventually. You may want to try other games after finishing the game and trying all the power-up effects. But there is also a possibility that you will get obsessed with getting even more high scores. Playing the Action Turnip game is pretty simple.

Action Turnip Game

Using your mouse, you can control your turnip using W, A, S, and D on your keyboard. Choose one of the two available modes in this game. One of the game modes is Run N’ Gun mode, giving your turnip abilities to jump and shoot enemies. Avoid obstacles to stay alive simultaneously; focus on shooting some enemies that get in your way.

What makes this mode interesting is how you divide your attention between dodging and killing your enemies. Another game mode is Turnabalt mode. This mode removes your ability to shoot. You must jump or double-jump to avoid obstacles and get a higher score.

Overall, the Action Turnip game is fun and charming and will keep you entertained for some time. Easy to play, catchy graphics, and perfect background music make this game recommended for all ages.


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