Dress Up Games

Annie Vs Ellie

Enter the enchanting realm of princess fashion showdowns in Annie vs. Ellie. These two royal beauties, each iconic in her own right, are ready to prove their fashion prowess. As their stylist, it’s your mission to ensure your favorite princess dazzles the most. Whether for a royal ball or a day out in their kingdom, ensure your chosen princess wins the fashion duel. With numerous outfits and accessories at your disposal, the possibilities are endless. Are you Team Annie or Team Ellie? Dive in to decide!


  1. Dual Wardrobes: Access two separate closets filled with elegant gowns, chic dresses, stylish shoes, and shimmering jewels tailored for each princess.
  2. Style Categories: From casual chic to ballroom glamour, style your princess based on various occasions and themes.
  3. Interactive Gameplay: Easy drag-and-drop mechanics with lifelike animations and reactions from Annie and Ellie.
  4. Fashion Ratings: After dressing up both princesses, see the fashion meter’s verdict. Who nailed the look?
  5. Replayability: With countless combinations and styles, play repeatedly to create new looks or ensure both princesses win equally.
  6. Snapshot Mode: Once your styling is complete, capture the look with a photo that can be saved or shared!

How to Play:

  • Begin by selecting a style category or occasion.
  • Dive into each princess’s closet, mixing and matching clothes and accessories.
  • Once satisfied with the looks, submit them for rating.
  • Watch as the fashion meter determines the winner!
  • Capture a snapshot of your creation and move on to the next style challenge.

In the vast and magical land of Lushbrook, two princesses, Annie and Ellie, are well-known for their impeccable style and grace. However, they have a playful rivalry over who has the best fashion sense. To settle the debate, they decide to hold a series of style showdowns, seeking the judgment of the best stylist in the land – you! The stage is set for the most fashionable battle Lushbrook has ever seen.

Annie vs. Ellie isn’t just about competition; it celebrates individual style and creativity. In this game, everyone’s a winner as players immerse themselves in the delightful world of princess fashion. So, grab your style wand and let the fashion magic begin!