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Apple Shooter Remastered

Apple Shooter Remastered is an archery game guaranteed to enhance your accuracy skills. A remastered version of the Apple Shooter game represents a cool improvement over its predecessor. Makers of the game give full assurance of an ultra-realistic archery experience coupled with stunning 3D graphics and animation. What’s more, is that the game is quite easy, can be played by both children and adults.

Apple Shooter Remastered Game Online

The main idea behind Apple Shooter is to fire an arrow towards an apple positioned on
top of your friend’s head. One wrong move will result in the death of your friend. If you are successful in hitting the target, the distance between you and your friend increases.

As one progresses through the game, the shooting challenge becomes increasingly
difficult. You will be required to hit the target from a far distance while using limited arrows. 3 Gamemodes available, attack mode, classic mode, or arcade mode.

How to Play Apple Shooter Remastered

All you need to do is drag and release the arrow.
The game features two main tools a circular gauge and a meter. The circular gauge determines the height at which the arrow will fly while the meter bar determines how powerful one’s shot will be. The more powerful shot is, the further it will travel. Both of these tools can appear at the top of the screen. For an accurate shot, you need to use both tools together with a keen sense of eye and hand coordination. After pulling the arrow, release it on time.

Best Features of Apple Shooter Remastered

Apart from being entertaining, the remastered iteration of Apple Shooter features several other great possibilities. To begin with, if you challenge yourself to the point of completing various missions, you might land in the list of professional apple shooters. Unlike many other games, Apple Shooter takes you through a real 3D gaming environment coupled with beautiful color themes plus vivid animation effects.

The Bottom Line

Apple Shooter Remastered is a fun and engaging game that will keep you hooked on screen. The rules are quite simple: you do not require rocket science to figure out its gameplay. It makes this game played for both kids and adults through a fun and captivating game.

Are you looking for a challenging but yet pleasurable game to engage? Your search ends with the remastered iteration of Apple Shooter Remastered. Be ready to face obstacles enveloped in multiply playing locations.