Bleach vs Naruto

After a long halt, the developers have come forth with the new version of the fighting game called bleach vs Naruto. This is the excellent fighting game that features two main characters and 3 summon characters and a fight is conducted between these characters. More characters were included in the new version of the game and players are required to choose their side and get ready for the battle in the crossover anime fighting game.

The gameplay involves fighting against your enemies or opponents in real-time and defeats them in the match to win and succeed. There are several levels in the game which you need to cross successfully by beating and defeating your enemies. Points are collected based on your performance in the match.

Controls Player 1:

  • AD – Move
  • S – Defence
  • J -Attack
  • K – Jump
  • L – Sprint
  • U – Far Attack
  • I – Slay
  • O – Summon Assistance

Controls Player 2:

  • Arrows – Move
  • Down – Defence
  • 1 – Attack
  • 2 – Jump
  • 3 – Sprint
  • 4 – Far Attack
  • 5 – Slay
  • 6 – Summon Assistance