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Bus Subway Runner

Subway Surfers, as well as a lot of the games developed by the independent Dedalord developer organization, is completely free to play. The developers make a sustainable profit through website advertisements due to the great popularity of the Running, Falling Fred, and now Skiing Fred games.

The overall, worldwide popularity of the Bus Subway game more than likely due to it being free to play, but you must not rule out the fact that it is very fun to play and, therefore, addicting. You just keep coming back! This game is similar to Subway Surfers game, even cooler and fulled with new in-game controls and items

Subway Surfers Game

Bus Subway easy to play, if using PC or Mac, uses the left and right keys to navigate Surfer through the game’s Endless Play mode or through the game’s multiple and challenging worlds. The user interface and platform are simple to grasp and after a while, master. The Bus Subway game, full of gravity-defying acrobatics, sneaky traps, endless action, and gory surprises, giving the gamer an ultimate running experience!


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