Do you remember playing hangman with your classmates at school? Go on a dangerous and action-packed mission with the crudely drawn heroes with the most extensive collection of Stickman Games on Sonsaur Games.
The gameplay involves surviving the toughest tumbles and falls while keeping your Stickman alive and successfully passing all the harsh conditions. The online Stickman Games come with different 2D characters flying over the dirt bikes and flying over the sky, or you can arm the role with rifles for an intense fun fight in the game.

The gameplay also has a twist of action to keep you interested throughout the game. There are unlimited options to get up again in the battle if you die. There is endless fun; you can go racing, fishing, or biking with the hand-drawn pal. You will come across Stickman Games in different categories and genres. You can enjoy motorbike rides or ATVs across varied, challenging terrains. Drive your vehicle masterly to reach the finish line in the game while avoiding the fields of lava and spike pits. You can choose the action-packed challenges, try the shooting game, or other tower defence titles.

Stickman Games are multiplayer, and Royal Battle games like Call of Duty. Stringing up a stickman is a hilarious way to spend the afternoon and a great way to expand your vocabulary. Our collection of stickman games will keep you entertained for hours.
Now you can play almost all our games directly on your mobile device without downloading. It saves your mobile device e space a lot.