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Zombie Games on Sonsaur, The zombie apocalypse is here! Are you ready to fight your way out of apocalypse? Prepare yourself for the end of humanity, Save the world and stop the zombies before they eat your brains! Escape, kill or shoot the un-dead evils in the best collection of Zombies Game.

These are the online games which are designed with the inspiration from Zombies movies like Dawn of the Dead or games like Resident Evil. The gameplay involves killing and escaping the bad guys mostly the zombies in the game.

You are free from choosing a variety of weapons to kill these zombies in the game before they start eating your brain in the game. There is Zombies challenge in the game where the Zombies are very dangerous and relentless in the game and escaping or killing these zombies need skills and talent and specialized weapons.

You have to play through different levels to succeed and you have to defeat the evil walkers in all the levels. As the level increases the challenges become more difficult for the players.

Play these Zombies Games to enjoy the grisly violence as well as the never-ending challenges and detailed graphics which were initially seen only in movies.

The zombie games are very addictive in nature and fun-filled to play. It is focused mainly on puzzles, strategy to kill the evil walkers and action-packed.

You have to play for your survival and attempt to kill all the viruses and zombies that come your way in the game.