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Cinderella’s Back to School Collection

September rings in a new school year, and what better way to make a striking entrance than with Cinderella’s Back to School Collection? Dive into Cinderella’s Fashion Studio as she unveils her chic autumn collection, designed to make every student stand out. With a mix of classic school attire and trendy designs, this collection promises to keep you in line with the dress code while ensuring you’re the most stylish in the hallway. Join Cinderella and her dazzling models, Jasmine and Aurora, for a fashion show. From outfit choices to makeup looks, it’s up to you to style them to perfection!


  1. Fashion-forward Designs: Explore a plethora of trendy and classic outfits curated for the school season.
  2. Three Models to Style: Dress up Cinderella, Jasmine, and Aurora with unique looks.
  3. Dynamic Makeup Studio: Choose from various makeup options to complement each outfit. From smoky eyes to glossy lips, create a look that matches their style.
  4. Interactive Gameplay: Easy drag-and-drop features make for a seamless styling experience.
  5. High-Quality Graphics: Enjoy vivid visuals and detailed outfits for an immersive fashion experience.
  6. Share & Save: Showcase your styling prowess! Save your designs or share them on social media directly from the game.

How to Play:

  • Start by selecting a model: Cinderella, Jasmine, or Aurora.
  • Dive into the wardrobe and select outfits that align with the autumn collection’s theme.
  • Mix and match tops, skirts, trousers, jackets, and accessories to create the perfect school look.
  • Once the outfit is selected, head over to the makeup studio.
  • Choose eyeshadows, lip colors, and more to complete the model’s look.
  • Preview the complete ensemble and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Once satisfied, proceed to showcase the model on the runway!


The chill in the air, the rustling of fallen leaves, and the sound of school bells signal the arrival of September. As students everywhere prepare for a new academic year, fashion remains at the forefront of their minds. Understanding this, Cinderella introduces her latest collection with her unmatched fashion sense. This isn’t just about looking good; it’s about feeling confident and ready to conquer the school year. With Cinderella’s Back to School Collection, every day is a runway!