Action Games

Commando 2

As the name suggests, Commando 2 is a successor to the first of the Commando series and involves elements like stealth, action, puzzle-solving, and raw adventure. The game is set in the World War 2 era, with you playing the role of the protagonist commando, essentially a one-person army, who sometimes avoids and sometimes kills patrols of German and Japanese soldiers.

The game has its fair share of leaders and boss fights incorporated to keep the players on the edge of their seats. Although you command a small group of elite Allied operatives, you constantly indulge in covert missions. You rescue others who are captured, sabotage powerful weapons and vessels, assassinate central officials and leaders, and bring back important documents, all as a part of the gameplay.

Commando 2, although interesting, feels small, having just ten missions. However, the missions aren’t connected, but you still need to play through them sequentially. Commando 2 unblocked game is an excellent concept of the gruesomeness that the world saw during World War 2, only in a pixelated form.