Cubefield is one of the easiest and addictive game online, now ib HTML5 versions available for more fun, you don’t need flash player for this game anymore. Cubefield is somewhere in between these two extremes unique enough to be fun and engaging, but not so complicated that you can’t play.

Cubefield Online Game

The game itself is really simple. You’re piloting a triangle through a field of cubes, and if you hit a cube then it’s game over. The goal is to keep sailing straight as long as you can without running face-first into any dangerous obstacles, and the longer you stay crash-free the higher your score climbs. The pilot your little triangle.

  • Arrow keys – Move left and right
  • P -Pause the game

Cubefield Is Not Easy

Cubefield is a game that takes serious focus, and a lot of reflexes, and like traditional games, it’s impossible to win, it will just get harder, and more fast-paced until eventually you crash and burn.

The difficult part is that there isn’t a strategy or maps a player can follow, either the path is randomly generated, and you need to be able to react to what comes your way fast enough to duck and dodge.

The key to getting as far as you can is to play it often and to minimize your computer’s lag, and your distractions. If you can do that, then you may be able to claim the game’s new high score in fairly short order.