Doodle God Ultimate Edition

The game Doodle God Ultimate Edition is, at its core, a point-and-click puzzle game that puts a fun spin on the creation of the universe. To do this, the player combines various elements with one another to create new ones.

At the start, you are given the elements of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. Elements may be formed within the same type of group or two different ones. The same element can also be created through multiple combinations. Some of the combinations are more scientific, but some also have a comedic edge. For example, “fire” and “water” create alcohol.

Doodle God Ultimate Edition Game Rules

To complete the game, the player must find 196 elements organized across a total of 21 groups. There are some points where the player might hit a rut, and so a “hint” option is available by clicking on the lightbulb icon. The hint tells the player a new element that can be created from the ones they currently have available but does not list either of them.

Once the hurdle of discovering life is jumped, the possibilities are seemingly endless from there with new categories like plants, animals, and construction being available to create. As more groups and elements are discovered, it becomes increasingly challenging to keep track of what can be paired together for new combinations. This aspect can also be fun when you don’t expect two combinations to make some creatures whose existences are questionable.

Much Interesting You Might Think

This is a great game to pick up and play if you’re in the mood for a little critical thinking. Even the flash version saves the player’s data automatically but this version is HTML5, no flash player required anymore. Doodle God Ultimate puts an interesting spin on the puzzle genre.

Looking at the gameplay itself, it comes off as incredibly simple but the content is fairly deep and complex (comparative to an introductory Biology class). Doodle God Ultimate Edition version available on a variety of platforms, including iPhone, Android, and PC.