Dungeon Run

Dungeon Run is the best single-player game that provides you the best gaming experience. It is the game in which various types of bosses available which the users need to defeat. There are almost eight different and most powerful bosses. The main aim of the dungeon run is to defeat all the eight bosses accurately with the increasing difficulty level.

Users have to pass all the nine classes to move further in the game. After accomplishing all the nine classes, the users or gamers rewarded with candle king card back.

Dungeon Run Game

The starts with a collection of ten cards and each is the card is for different classes. At the starting of the game, players start with 15 health and then they get five more additional health as per defeated boss.

More About Game

It is a single-player game, so users need to focus more on gameplay rather than playing it accurately. Once the users or gamers defeat the eighth boss or the final boss, then they will get up to 50 health. There are many rounds in the game and in which there is a passive buff.

The players need to select the buffs randomly. There are various types of currency in Dungeon Run. Users need to earn more and more in-game currency in order to play the game properly. There are two main currencies in the game and about which all users must know properly.

The following are two main types

  • Coins
  • Mana Crystals

Final Words about Dungeon Run

Dungeon Run is the most popular game which spreads all across the world rapidly. There are various types of interesting and classic missions present in it which the users need to complete in more numbers. The more missions you complete in the game, the more in-game currency you get which is in the form of mana crystals and coins.