Earn To Die 2 Exodus

You might have wandered a lot of times to get the best match for your range well then, here it is. Earn to Die is a racing zombie game, you need to ride hard and hit zombies on your way, what makes this game unique is the setting and the character study that you will get while playing them.

Earn to die 2 has a story that is a good fit where you will have to fight your way till you reach the plane, which will take you out from a world full of zombies. This game is based on a racing spree where you have to survive

You will have to ride and control your car so that it hits the right checkpoint, Don’t forget to upgrade your car regularly, otherwise, you can’t reach the checkpoint, you need more power and gas and weapon, If you finish all your objectives at the right time, then you will get the score you have wished long for. plane will take you on a safe place.