Earn To Die

We open atop a rusted water tower in Earn To Die. Your character looks down upon the post-apocalyptic desert landscape, the un-dead march without purpose, waiting for their next meal, hoping it’s you. Through your binoculars you see it, a beacon of hope, a helicopter sits on a plateau, Your only escape. Now you just need to make it through the canyon floor and the horde. Now you just need a car, any car.

Earn To Die Zombies Game

Earn to Die is a simple side-scroller flash game, played entirely within 3,100 feet, however, the ride is anything but limited.

beginning the gameplay by purchasing the tiny hatchback, your goal is to make it those 3,000 feet to the helicopter and out of the gnawing jaws of the desert zombie infestation but when you run out of fuel, you’re left to die, earning whatever money you can from beating your previous distance and bonus money accumulated from breaching obstacles and killing zombies. Return to your garage and upgrade your vehicle and purchase new ones in the hope of making it to safety on your next run the following day.

After conquering the original Earn To Die game, challenge mode is unlocked, in which you have three days and a limited budget to build the best vehicle you can and see how far it will take you.

Addictive to Play from School and Office

With smooth, addictive gameplay and three different vehicles to upgrade and race across the desert floor, smashing zombies in your wake, Earn to Die is the best of classic zombie movies, 80s arcade side scrollers, and classic late 90s and early 00s online flash games.

I particularly enjoyed the steam-punk and post-apocalypse design flourishes on the vehicles, such as the plane propeller boost on the fore mentioned hatchback, and the ground control gun on the old good pickup. I was also delighted to see one of the most classic zombie killers make an appearance, the red semi-truck, as the cool heavy truck.

E2D packs massive replay value as you try to beat your record for the number of days taken to make it to the chopper. An excellent play for fans of zombie games, driving games, and side scrollers alike, Earn to Die is hours worth of driving survival entertainment. Second much better version Earn To Die 2 Exodus also available.