Christmas Games

Emily’s Christmas Carol

Emily’s Christmas Carol invites you to the world of Emily, a cheerful and kind-hearted girl, as she embarks on a magical journey to spread the joy of Christmas. With carols, laughter, and warmth, delve into a story of hope, love, and holiday spirit. As the snow blankets the streets and festive lights twinkle, Emily decides to sing her way into the hearts of her town’s residents. But little did she know, her musical journey would lead to unexpected adventures.


  1. Heartwarming Story: Follow Emily’s tale as she encounters various characters, from the older man down the lane to the busy mother at the market. See how her Christmas carol touches their lives in surprising ways.
  2. Engaging Gameplay: Help Emily prepare for her carol sessions by collecting items, practicing her songs, and making festive decisions.
  3. Christmas Challenges: Face various challenges and mini-games related to Christmas preparations and festivities.
  4. Interactive World: Explore Emily’s town, beautifully decorated for Christmas, interact with its residents, and unravel small, heart-touching stories.
  5. Rich Graphics: Dive into a winter wonderland with detailed environments, snowy landscapes, and cozy interiors.
  6. Melodious Soundtrack: Enjoy classic Christmas carols and original scores that set the perfect festive mood.
  7. Character Development: Witness Emily’s growth as she learns the true meaning of Christmas and the power of kindness.

How to Play:

  • Navigate through the game using simple point-and-click mechanics.
  • Interact with characters to progress in the story.
  • Complete tasks and challenges that Emily faces.
  • Make choices that will shape the outcome of Emily’s journey.
  • Collect festive items that will aid Emily in her Christmas carol journey.


In the heart of a snowy town, where children eagerly wait for Santa and families gather around fireplaces, Emily feels the magic of Christmas. While many are busy with their holiday preparations, Emily realizes that the true essence of Christmas lies in sharing and caring. With her melodious voice and a heart full of hope, she sets out to revive the lost spirit of Christmas among her town’s residents. Along the way, she discovers the joy of giving and unravels the power of a simple Christmas carol. Join Emily in her enchanting journey and be a part of a Christmas story you’ll cherish forever.