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Evil Nights

In Evil Nights, wake up to a heart-pounding scenario where survival hinges on your cunning and quick thinking. Trapped inside a dilapidated house by Granny, a deranged old woman wielding a blood-soaked baseball bat, your ultimate goal is to escape her sinister abode. Stealth and strategy are your best allies as you navigate through the eerie rooms, searching for items crucial to your escape. Each object — a hammer, a battery, and the main door key — brings you one step closer to freedom and serves a vital purpose in your quest for survival. The hammer is both a tool and a weapon to buy precious safety moments by temporarily incapacitating Granny. Silence is your sanctuary; every sound can lead to a terrifying chase. Can you outsmart Granny and escape before she finds you?

How to Play:

  • Explore the Environment: Use the arrow keys to move around the house. Search each room carefully to find the items needed to unlock the door.
  • Stealth Mode: Stay quiet and hidden. Granny can hear your footsteps and chase you if you make too much noise.
  • Find Key Items: Locate the hammer to disable Granny if she gets too close temporarily, the battery to power up necessary devices, and the main door key to escape.
  • Strategic Use of Items: Use the hammer to knock Granny unconscious for 15 seconds, remove obstacles, and open new areas within the house.
  • Survival Tips: Track Granny’s movements and plan routes around the house to avoid her. Use hiding spots to evade her when she is near.

Prepare for a thrilling escape from the clutches of madness in Evil Nights. Will you manage to evade Granny’s grasp and reclaim your freedom?


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