Extreme Asphalt Car Racing

Extreme Asphalt Car Racing is the new fun-filled 3D racing game where players get the chance to drive their favorite brand new cars and participate in the 3D racing. You are the driver of your own car and you will be driving the car automatically in the race and control the car to avoid obstacles and reach the finish line before all other racers.

Extreme Asphalt Car Racing Game

You need to handle the car and drive skilfully on the tracks and beat the competition against all other racers to win and earn points in the race. So, it is the time to shine on the racking track. Simply start the engine of the car and floor the nitrogen gas and show all your opponents what real driver means on the racing tracks.

There are several levels in the Extreme Asphalt Car Racing game and each level comes with their own challenges and you need to participate in all the races and beat the challenges to reach the finish line successfully.