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Fairytale Roomies

Hey there, magical friends! ✨🏰 Do you dream of fairytales, enchanted castles, and making the best of friends? If so, get ready to dive into the whimsical world of “Fairytale Roomies!”

Imagine starting school in a magical land where every day is a new adventure. Every student at the school has a fairytale story, and they’re all waiting to write their next chapter. Raven Queen, a kind and stylish student from Ever After High, is looking for the most awesome roommate ever. Guess what? She found her! It’s Apple White, a cheerful and bright girl with a heart full of dreams.

In “Fairytale Roomies,” your mission is to help these two lovely girls settle into their new room. Decorate their space with magical decorations, choose cozy beds, and pick out sparkling outfits for school days and magical events. You’ll learn more about Raven and Apple and even meet other enchanted students along the way.

This game is all about friendship, fun, and fairytales! So, if you’re ready to step into a magical school, make unforgettable friends, and help Raven and Apple create the most magical room ever, let’s start the fairytale journey together! 🍎👑📖