Fancy Pants 3

It is an old-school flash game. As you already know, Flash is down. You can't play it properly, even with simulators.

Please find other excellent modern games below.


Stickman Games

Fancy Pants 3

If you like a game that is fast-paced and destined to have you addicted to the world of gaming, then you should try Fancy Pants 3. This high jump adventure game means that a friend like little Fancy Pants is ready for action and that action all depends on your ability to indulge in some excitement and adventure! But beware! There are a few new twists wits Fancy Pants 3!

You are that lovable stick man Fancy Pants, who wears the baggy clothes and has spiked hair and who has the enviable task of collecting as many swirlies as you can. There are multiple levels to the game and an incredible adventure zone.

But, you must beware! There are bad forces out to stand in the way of the famously adventurous stick man Fancy Pants. These bad forces can eliminate the stick man, so it is important that you go as fast through the levels while obtaining as many swirlies as possible.

Specifics on the Game Levels

To understand the different levels, you must brace yourself for the fast-paced game, with evil forces including spiders and other bad guys for you to eliminate. Additionally, there are doors to enter (where you do not know what is behind them).

There is a new adventure behind every door, there lies a new adventure. If you can find all the doors, get and eliminate all the bad forces and load up on as many swirlies as possible, then it is possible to rake in a top score and brag about it later!

How to Manage the Controls

Fancy Pants 3 unblocked is like the other games in the series and includes multiple player controls needed to get to and complete each level, able to advance.
Fancy Pants can move left to right using the Left and Right arrow keys Doors can be opened using the Up arrow key, The game can be paused using the Space bar also opens the options panel.

The options panel lets you customize settings to suit your preference.