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Flying Car Real Driving

Welcome to the future of driving in “Flying Car Real Driving”! This game isn’t just another driving simulator – it’s a flight adventure that redefines the limits of mobile gaming. Immerse yourself in this transformative experience as 2018 takes on a futuristic twist, blending the thrill of driving on roads and the exhilaration of soaring in the skies.

Forget everything you know about driving. Gametap has revolutionized simulation games, adding a new dimension of fun and excitement. Now, vehicles don’t just run on roads; they take off and fly, emulating the experience of piloting a real airplane. With intuitive controls, state-of-the-art graphics, and realistic physics, the line between cars and planes has never been blurrier.


  1. Dual Mode Driving: Seamlessly switch between driving and flying with just a touch, challenging your driving acumen and piloting skills.
  2. Futuristic Concept: Experience the world where cars defy gravity, soaring among the clouds and exploring urban landscapes and vast skies.
  3. Stunning Graphics: With detailed environments, lifelike physics, and dynamic lighting, you’ll be wholly immersed in this futuristic world.
  4. Intuitive Controls: Whether on the ground or in the air, the game ensures smooth and intuitive controls, making your journey enjoyable and thrilling.
  5. Mission-based Adventures: Engage in challenging missions that test your driving and flying skills, offering varied gameplay and hours of fun.
  6. Safety First: Even in the future, safety is paramount! Remember to strap on your seatbelt, whether cruising downtown or ascending above the cityscape.

Flying Car Real Driving is not just a game; it’s a glimpse into the future. Its perfect blend of driving and flying offers a unique experience that sets it apart from conventional simulation games. So, are you ready to embrace the future and take to the skies? Get behind the wheel, fire up the engines, and soar high!

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