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Foot Chinko

Foot Chinko is the online version of the popular soccer game called Foor Chinko. This game is the world cup version of 2018 soccer and players are allowed to play for their favorite teams and nations.

Foot Chinko is being the best treatment for the fans of soccer. The game has the best rules which are just like the same usual soccer games. You need to score more goals against your opponents to win and succeed in the levels.

Foot Chinko Game

You have to take control of the balls and continuously pass it between your team members and also find scopes in defense of your opponents to take the shot for a goal. You need to play just like a soccer player and find for corners and make the unstoppable shots and score a goal for your team.

Foot Chinko is the HTML5 based game that can be played with the supportive browsers and you can enjoy it for free on your mobile devices as well.