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Free the Ball

Embark on an exciting puzzle-solving journey with Free the Ball, a fun and engaging game that challenges your strategic thinking. Your mission is to guide the Ball to its goal by skillfully moving blocks around. What sets it apart? A staggering three thousand levels, all of them completely free! Let’s dive into the world of Free the Ball and discover the thrill of solving countless puzzles.

Puzzle Game Extravaganza

Free the Ball is not your average puzzle game—it’s an extravaganza! With a whopping three thousand levels to explore, each presenting a unique challenge, you’re in for an endless adventure. The game ensures you’re entertained for hours without purchasing anything. Get ready to immerse yourself in the ultimate puzzle-solving experience.

How to Play Free the Ball

  1. Initiate the Puzzle: Each level starts with a puzzle layout and the Ball waiting for guidance. Your goal is to lead the Ball to its designated endpoint.
  2. Move Blocks Strategically: To guide the Ball, strategically move the blocks provided. Plan your moves carefully to create a clear path for the Ball.
  3. Avoid Obstacles: Be mindful of obstacles and challenges along the way. Navigate around them by adjusting the position of the blocks to ensure a smooth journey for the Ball.
  4. Unlocking Levels: Completing each level unlocks the next, presenting a progressively challenging puzzle-solving experience. Test your skills and advance through the vast array of levels.

Hours of Free Puzzle Entertainment

The best part? All three thousand levels of Free the Ball are entirely free! There is no need to worry about in-app purchases or hidden fees. Enjoy the satisfaction of conquering puzzles without any constraints. Dive into the game, explore the levels, and let the puzzle-solving excitement begin.

Tutorial: Mastering Free the Ball

  1. Select a Level: Choose from the extensive list of levels available in Free the Ball. Each level offers a new and exciting puzzle to solve.
  2. Strategic Block Movement: Analyze the puzzle layout and strategically move the blocks to create a path for the Ball. Plan your moves to overcome obstacles.
  3. Guide the Ball: Adjust the blocks to Direct the Ball along the designated path. This will ensure a clear route for the Ball to reach its goal.
  4. Level Advancement: Successfully solving a level unlocks the next one. Progress through the game, tackling increasingly challenging puzzles and honing your puzzle-solving skills.

Free the Ball promises hours of entertainment and challenge as you conquer level after level of intricate puzzles. Are you ready to free the Ball and unleash your inner puzzle master? Dive in now and experience the thrill!


Jinn Dash