Welcome to Get on Top, the ultimate online two-player game from Sonsaur Games. A modern twist on classic rock-paper-scissor, this simple but challenging game will thrill and delight players of all ages. The objective is simple – be the first player to get their character’s head sitting on top of their opponent’s head! Use strategic maneuvers to your advantage as you battle your way up the leaderboard to become number one in the world! Play now for free and join millions already enjoying Get on Top! So what are you waiting for? Choose a friend or random opponent, and let the games begin!

Dive into the electrifying world of Get On Top brought to you by Sonsaur Games! This intense two-player game takes the essence of the classic rock-paper-scissors and amplifies it with rapid maneuvers and strategy. Your mission? Pin your opponent down with your character’s head triumphantly positioned on top. It sounds simple, but each match becomes a fierce test of reflexes and wits.


  1. Intuitive Gameplay: Navigate your character easily with straightforward controls, designed to make each duel fast-paced and fun.
  2. Compete with Real Players: Play against a friend or challenge random opponents from around the world.
  3. Dynamic Movements: Engage in nail-biting duels with dynamic character movements, ensuring no two matches are the same.
  4. Climb the Leaderboard: Prove your prowess and ascend the global leaderboard, aiming for the coveted top spot.
  5. Engaging Graphics: Dive into the game with sleek graphics and smooth animations.

How to Play:

  • Use the assigned keys to move and jump.
  • Aim to pin your opponent beneath your character, ensuring your head remains on top.
  • Outmaneuver and outthink your adversary to win the duel.
  • Each victory brings you closer to the top of the leaderboard.

Get On Top offers a world where speed, strategy, and quick reflexes reign supreme. In this head-to-head battle arena, only the swiftest and smartest emerge victorious. Whether it’s a friendly duel between friends or a heated match against a rival, every encounter promises excitement and unpredictability. Ready to claim your title as the champion of Get On Top? Dive in now and let the battles begin!