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Goldie Princess Skin Doctor

Join the medical adventures in the castle as you play the role of the doctor for the beautiful Goldie Princess! An unfortunate allergic reaction has caused a breakout, and now it’s up to you to treat her. With a range of advanced medical tools and some magical surprises, help restore the princess’s flawless skin and make her feel better than ever!


  1. Engaging Gameplay: Use fun and interesting medical tools to treat the princess.
  2. Educational: Learn about different allergic reactions and their treatments.
  3. Magical Tools: Alongside lasers and high-voltage machines, discover enchanted tools that add a magical twist to the treatment.
  4. Interactive ER Room: Explore the intricacies of an emergency room set in a magical castle.
  5. Step-by-step Treatment: A guided process ensures players know precisely what to do next.
  6. Customizable Outcomes: Each session offers different reactions and solutions, always ensuring a new experience.
  7. Rewarding Endings: After treating the princess, enjoy the results of your hard work as she showcases her rejuvenated skin.

How to Play:

  • Start by diagnosing the allergic reaction using various tools.
  • Follow on-screen prompts to select the right tools and treatment methods.
  • Treat the allergic reaction using lasers, ointments, and magical potions.
  • Monitor the princess’s reactions to ensure the treatments are effective.
  • Conclude with a skincare routine to ensure the princess’s skin remains flawless.

In a magical kingdom where fairytales come alive, even princesses aren’t immune to the occasional health issues. The beautiful Goldie Princess is known for her golden, flawless skin, but an unexpected allergic reaction has caused concern in the royal court. As the appointed skin doctor in the kingdom, you must ensure the princess is back to her radiant self. Dive into this captivating tale of magic, medicine, and makeovers in “Goldie Princess Skin Doctor.”

Skin health is essential, even for princesses! With the perfect balance of education and entertainment, “Goldie Princess Skin Doctor” offers players a chance to learn about skincare while indulging in a fairytale adventure. Grab your doctor’s coat and embark on this magical medical journey!