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Hand Or Money

Dive into the thrilling world of Hand Or Money, a high-risk, high-reward game where timing is everything. Do you have the nerves of steel required to grab the cash and pull back in time before the sharp blades strike? Test your reflexes, challenge your friends, and find out if you have what it takes to become a millionaire — or go home empty-handed.


  1. Edge-of-Your-Seat Gameplay: With razor-sharp blades looming, every millisecond counts.
  2. Increasing Difficulty: As you progress, the blades move faster, testing your reflexes to their limits.
  3. Leaderboard: Compare your high scores with friends and players around the world.
  4. Achievements: Earn badges for your daring feats and milestones.
  5. Engaging Graphics: Sleek design and smooth animations for a visually captivating experience.
  6. Multiplayer Mode: Challenge your friends in head-to-head battles to see who has the fastest reflexes.

How to Play:

  • Begin each round by placing your virtual hand between the sharp blades.
  • When the cash appears, quickly tap or click to grab it.
  • Immediately retract your hand before the blades snap shut.
  • Collect as much money as you can without getting caught.
  • Each successful grab increases your total, but one mistake could end the game.

Hand Or Money offers contestants a simple yet harrowing challenge in a dystopian game show setting: risk it all for the chance at wealth. As the audience watches in suspense, players must rely on their intuition and lightning-fast reflexes to outsmart the deadly blades. With every successful grab, the stakes increase, and the tension mounts. Will you walk away with pockets full of cash or pay the ultimate price for your greed?

Hand Or Money is not just a test of reflexes; it’s a game of courage, timing, and sheer willpower. Every round offers a new opportunity to prove yourself and climb the ranks of the wealthy. But remember: greed has its price. Do you have the guts to face the challenge?