Happy Wheels

In terms of genre, this game is a platformer with racing elements. This game was a trendy choice on YouTube gaming channels, partially due to user content creation, but mostly due to the hilarity that is sure to ensue while playing this game.

The point of the game is that You can choose to play as one of the eleven different characters in Happy Wheels. In most cases, your objective will be to reach the end of the level.


Most popular characters in Happy Wheels

Man on a pogo stick, a man in a helicopter, a dad and son are riding a bike and a lawnmower man. Some levels restrict you in terms of which characters you can play.

Currently, there are more than six million user-generated levels in happy wheels game online full version (which is available at http://totaljerkface.com/happy_wheels.tjf. Due to the sheer number of levels, you won’t have trouble finding incredible levels that people have put in a lot of time and effort.

Since each level has a star rating, five stars are the highest, while one star is the lowest. If a degree is particularly useful, featured levels section on the main screen.


The Real Story about Happy Wheels

Overall, Happy Wheels has no base story, but you will stumble across some user-generated levels with stories. Of course, don’t expect many of these stories to be any good. However, you may be pleasantly surprised from time to time.


Stunning and Scaring Graphics

Happy Wheels is well-known for its blood and gore. Whenever the characters lose a limb or explode, you’ll see all the blood and bits of flesh in great detail. If you’d like, you have the option of increasing the quantity of blood that appears.

However, if you happen to be squeamish or if you have a slow computer, you can decrease the amount of blood that shows up or disable blood altogether. Realize, however, that if you do so, Happy wheels game won’t seem as outrageous as it did before.


Happy Wheels Game Audio Makes You Scare

When characters are injured, you will also hear audio that is usually relevant to the injury. If it isn’t related to the area of injury, then it is randomly selected. In terms of audio, this online game is most famous for the sound when a character explodes.

Happy Wheels game is incredibly fun and unique, as you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything like it. Best of all, this game’s replayability value is phenomenal due to the sheer number of user-generated content in the original one. We got Happy Wheels demo online, official version, but limited.


You can play happy wheels full game unblocked version from school, but you need to use the VPN network connection and must-visit Happy Wheels official (real) website at totaljerkface.com.

Happy Wheels is not shutting down or dying. Flash player (which is required to play) does in December 2020. Jim Bonacci (Creator) announced that the Javascript version of the game would come after Chrome stop supporting Flash.

As Jim Bonacci said, the game will be 60FPS, which means a lot for me and for people like me (playing this game long, long time)

Happy Wheels game was always free of cost to play. You can still play Happy Wheels, till Google Chrome supports Flash Player.