Dress Up Games

Highschool Crush

Help a young couple experience their sweet school-time love story!

Imagine this: Elsa and Jack are two students in the same school. Every day, they eagerly wait for the school bell, not just for classes but to see each other! Their hearts flutter, and cheeks turn rosy just at the thought of meeting. Now, isn’t that just adorable?

But there’s a twist! Today is special, and Elsa wants to look her best for Jack. And you, my fashion expert, get to help her get ready! 🎀💄

First, it’s makeup time! Help Elsa choose the perfect eyeshadow, lipstick, and blush to make her shine. And then, it’s outfit selection! Dive into a wardrobe full of beautiful dresses, cool jackets, cute tops, and stylish shoes. Mix and match to find the best school look for Elsa.

Once Elsa is all set, watch the magical school day unfold as she meets Jack. With your help, it’ll surely be a day to remember!

Ready to be a part of Elsa and Jack’s lovely school tale? Let’s jump in and spread some high school love!

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