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Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2 is the popular 2D driving game The gameplay of the game is to collect the coins while driving the car and passing all the obstacles successfully in the game to reach the finishing line. The players need to collect as many coins as they can while racing through the stages.

Driving the car in Hill Climb Racing 2 needs battery and gas for the electrically powered cars and hence the players also need to collect the canisters and batteries on the way to refuel their car and reach the finishing line successfully.

Besides, the player also needs to protect their driver in the game as they are prone to die when the gas runs out or they hit the avatar’s head on the ground or ceiling. Coins can be earned easily with some tricks. Have fun with Hill Climb Racing 2 version, ride hard now.

Designed by Fingersoft and it was released on Google Play Store and Apple’s Store.