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Race to the finish line in Hurdles: Race to Glory! As the anticipation fills the air, you’ll need to master the art of hurdling with eight exceptional runners to choose from. With the roaring crowd, every leap counts. Ensure you jump over the hurdles precisely, outpace your competitors, and strive for victory. As you conquer each race, advance to more challenging tracks. Can you leap your way to becoming the ultimate hurdling champion?


  1. Selection of Runners: Choose from 8 unique runners, each with their strengths and styles.
  2. Dynamic Races: 12 diverse stages, each with increasing challenges and competitors.
  3. Realistic Mechanics: Experience realistic hurdling mechanics with timed jumps.
  4. Score System: Perfect jumps reward you with bonus points. Aim for the highest score!
  5. Victory Podium: Celebrate your wins on the victory podium and prepare for the next challenge.
  6. Interactive Controls: Easy to learn but hard to master. Use the space bar for perfectly timed jumps.
  7. Race Replays: Relive your best races and analyze your performance.
  8. Leaderboard: Compare scores with friends and players worldwide to see who rules the tracks.
  9. Stunning Graphics: Enjoy fluid animations, detailed tracks, and lively audience reactions.

How to Play:

  • Start the Race: Choose your preferred runner.
  • Jumping Mechanic: As you approach a hurdle, press the space bar at the right time to jump.
  • Scoring: Your jump’s timing determines your score. Perfect jumps will give you maximum points.
  • Progress: Finish in the top three to progress to the next stage.
  • Goal: Win all 12 stages to become the undisputed Hurdles champion: Race to Glory.


The grand stadium is filled with the echoes of cheering. As the race begins, your heart races with the runners’. In the world of athletics, hurdling is not just about speed but also about rhythm and timing. With each hurdle, a challenge awaits, and only the best can conquer it. Dive into the adrenaline-pumping Hurdles: Race to Glory world and etch your name among the legends.

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