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Kick Cup

Kick Cup is the ultimate football challenge, a blend of skill, strategy, and spontaneity! Set in various scenic backdrops, from bustling stadiums to neighborhood parks, this game is all about precision and timing. No longer are you restricted by team dynamics; here, it’s all about you and the goalpost!


You’re presented with a football and a rotating cup (the goal). The objective? Kick the ball when the cup’s opening faces you, ensuring the ball lands inside. But it’s not as simple as it sounds! As you progress, the speed of the rotating cup increases, introducing a challenge of reflexes and timing.


  1. Levels Galore: Progress through levels of increasing complexity, with the cup’s rotation getting unpredictable with each stage.
  2. Point System: Earn points for each successful goal. Consecutive goals can trigger combos and earn you bonus points.
  3. Customization: Unlock and select from a range of balls – from classic footballs to quirky designs.
  4. Leaderboard: Compare your scores with friends and players worldwide. Aim to be the Kick Cup Champion!
  5. Dynamic Backdrops: Play in different settings – from professional stadiums to beach resorts, each with unique challenges.
  6. Challenges & Power-ups: Face unexpected challenges like gusty winds or rain, and use power-ups to aid your gameplay.

Kick Cup is not just a game; it’s a test of concentration, patience, and precision. Whether you’re a football enthusiast or seeking a fun distraction, this game guarantees endless hours of entertainment. Ready to take the Kick Cup challenge? Aim, time, and shoot!

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