Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Kingdom Rush Frontiers contains many features and play modes similar to the two previous versions. Coin shop is a new feature, included as a part of the introductions in this series, enables you to choose and upgrade your troops easily as well as bonus skills that you can apply throughout each difficulty level. The core objective of this game is similar to its previous versions. You play as a noble knight at Kingdom Rush Frontiers, entitled with guarding the kingdom walls against certain enemies.

The enemies are the evil ghosts that are bent on demolishing everything they come across. Therefore, you’re responsible is to employ your skills to successfully conquer these minions to protect your kingdom and its inhabitants. In case of success in annihilating the enemies, one is rewarded handsomely by the king.

Defend your realm against gangs of evil wizards, trolls, orcs, and other nasty beasts while armed with powerful arsenals of mages and warriors. Fight on mountains, forests, and wastelands.
You have the option to upgrade your towers with unusual powers, reinforcing troops, raining fire upon your enemies, and recruiting additional warriors. You can earn as much as 51 awards in this fantasy defense game.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is supposed to build towers to stop oncoming enemies from entering their kingdom to kill and maim their people. Earn gold by defeating the enemies and build more towers with it.