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Merge & Decor

Unearth the charm of old homes and bring them to life with “Merge & Decor!” In this engaging puzzle and decoration game, merge items to unveil tools and treasures that will help you in your mission to renovate and adorn your dream mansion. Every corner of the house tells a story, and it’s up to you to breathe life into it.

How to Play:

  1. Merge Items: Connect identical objects to form newer items or tools that help in your renovation quest.
  2. Unlock Rooms: As you progress, uncover and venture into various parts of the mansion.
  3. Earn Stars: Successfully merging items earns you stars, which are your key to decorating the mansion.
  4. Decorate Your Mansion: Use the stars to refurbish, accessorize, and breathe life into the house’s interiors. From living rooms to kitchens, every space awaits your design touch.
  5. Discover Treasures: As you peel back the layers of time, you’ll find hidden treasures that tell tales of the mansion’s glorious past.


  • Innovative Gameplay: Merging mechanics and home decoration tasks keep you engaged for hours.
  • Wide Array of Decor: Choose from many designs, themes, and furnishings to personalize every corner of the mansion.
  • Engaging Storyline: Dive into the narrative as you uncover the history of the mansion and its inhabitants.
  • Mansion Expansion: As you advance, unlock newer sections of the mansion, each with its unique backstory and mysteries.
  • Daily Challenges: Engage in unique puzzles and challenges to earn extra stars and rewards.
  • Leaderboards & Achievements: Compete with friends and other players globally. Showcase your design expertise and climb the ranks.
  • Regular Updates: New rooms, decor options, and challenging merge puzzles are added regularly to keep the excitement alive.

Dust off the old tales, merge items, decorate to your heart’s content, and let the walls of the mansion echo with the stories of its transformation. Join us in “Merge & Decor” and craft your personal tale of home transformation!