Obey The Game

Obey the Game is a game that can appear very simple on the face of it but is actually a bit more complicated and nuanced once you dive right in. To play, you simply need to load Obey the Game in your browser and then make sure that, you focus on that window (otherwise the controls won’t work!)

You can fullscreen the game if you want to increase the immersion. From there, you’ll then be using the arrow keys, or WASD to move your little blue elephant around. You can use up to jump, but the space bar will also do the same thing. These instructions will appear on the screen when you start out, But you can press space to skip the instructions if you like

How to Play Obey The Game

Once you’re playing, Obey the Game will continue to instruct you on what to do. The title of this game is pretty literal in that sense, with the objective being literally to do as you are told in each mini segment. Instead of conventional long levels, the game is split into lots of mini-games that quickly test your reflexes your ability to assess a situation

The difficulty comes in knowing what to do, seeing as the instructions are intentionally vague and you only have a couple of seconds to react, (however long it takes the bar along the top to drain).

For example, the game might say ‘collect’ and this is a fairly simple instruction, that tells you to collect the coins on the screen. ‘Survive’ means you need to keep your elephant alive, which might mean jumping over a massive spiked ball that is rolling about the place (no we don’t know what kind of fever dream this is based on)

Things can get a little more confusing though when you’re told for instance to ‘push this’, There is a button with an arrow saying ‘this’ and another that is labeled ‘this’. You need to follow the literal instruction and push the latter of those two. Another curveball comes if you are told to disobey. This means you need to do the opposite of what you’ve been told

If you successfully do what you weren’t meant to do, you fail. Finally, Obey The Game, the ‘coffee level’ is literally just a chance to catch your breath. You have five tried until you start over. Give it a go and see how you do on Obey The Game!