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Omit Orange 2

Guess what? The orange shapes are back and up to their sneaky tricks again! In this game, you have a simple yet exciting mission: clear the screen of all things orange while keeping everything else safe and sound.

It’s like a puzzle where you must figure out how to remove the orange pieces without accidentally removing any other colors. Think you can do it? There’s more! As you progress, you’ll find trickier challenges, with moving platforms, fun tools, and sneaky orange shapes trying to hide among the other colors.

But don’t worry! With your sharp eyes and quick thinking, you’ll be a color master in no time. And every level you complete brings new surprises and even more colorful fun.

“Omit Orange 2” is about problem-solving, colors, and fun. So, if you have an eye for detail and love a good color challenge, this game awaits you.

Grab your detective hat, warm your fingers, and dive into a world where color matters most.

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