Arcade Games

Pac Xon

Highly addictive Pac Xon game is a new take on the classic Pac Man. Filled with cool features, ghosts, and much more, they are a popular past time for many. Gets harder as the levels increase, you will always need to keep your eyes open.

Cover 80% of the screen space to pass a level. You’ll see on top of the screen score and percentages, along with the number of lives you have left. While Level 1 will feature the simple ghosts who you need to avoid, beginning with Level 2. the Ghosts get more and more difficult to battle.

Pac Xon Game Online

Use the W, A, S, D, arrow keys on your keyboard to guide Pac Xon across the screen. Trap the ghosts and be careful, because they can’t touch you without your losing a life. You will get four lives at the beginning of each game, and may also be given an extra life while playing. But don’t count of this to help you complete the level, for they appear randomly and can be lost easily. Alertness is your ally.

Pac Xon Power-ups

Power-ups like the Cherry, Banana, and Ice Cream Stick also appear at the unlikeliest time, so keep your eye open. They tend to disappear quickly too. These power-ups can increase your speed, slow down the ghosts, or even freeze the Ghosts altogether, making it easier for you to complete the level.

While 80% of the screen space needs to be covered, to jump the next level, it is towards the end when this gets the most difficult. Ghosts only have a limited area to move and are coming on your way. To make things easier, try trapping the Ghosts separately. While the pink Ghosts are easier to deal with, you will soon get ghosts who travel within the covered space as well as those who are present on the border. Pac Xon has brought back the fun of the arcade in a newer, more captivating manner.