Plazma Burst 2

Plazma Burst 2, Fine game, if limited. Looks better than you would imagine. Plasma Burst 2 is a free to play, a flash-based game revolving around a science fiction theme. When you first start out playing, you met with a moving picture of a man dressed head to toe in armor and pointing a plasma gun of sorts towards the player’s view. You begin playing after the screen loads and prompts you to put in your username.

Once done, the game loads up a screen letting you know that you are about to play a game with violence and that blood and gore feature can be disabled and enabled using the options found in the main menu.

Plazma Burst 2 Gameplay and Info

Once you enter the main menu of the Plasma Burst 2 game, you see seven choices to click. Campaign play, FAQ, Settings & Performance, Multiplayer, Credits, Official Website, and Play Coolbuddy Games. The electronic genre of music embedded in the menu and in the rest of the game, which gives it more of a science-fiction feel.

Campaign and Customization

Customize your character’s attributes, battle suit, head color, body-color, arms color, and legs color. Equipment is also an option, which takes you to another screen for a more in-depth decision. Once you are satisfied with your customized character, you can also choose the level you wish to play with on this same screen. Of course, you have to unlock all the levels ahead of level one. See achievements on the character customization page, along with a custom map option.

Equipment and Weapons

Carry a total of three weapons at once but in different categories of guns. Upgrade weapons with in-game currency, in the form of credits. You can choose game modes: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Impossible. Use A, S, W, D, keys, or arrow keys to move. Use point and click after selecting to attack.