Rolling Ball 3D

If you love endless-running games like Slope, then Rolling Ball 3D would most definitely catch your attention. A very challenging game. Suitable for all ages.

The challenge for the players would be its complex terrain. You would need to go through very narrow roads, and even a tiny mistake can make the ball fall into the abyss.

How to Play Rolling Ball 3D

Use the left and right arrow keys to let you move correctly. Control the ball through the obstacles. You will come across different effects while you’re holding the gravity of the ball. You have to act very quickly in controlling the ball to avoid collisions, and if you fall into the deep, you lose.

Red Blocks and Holes

It has its physical element, so you would need to control the ball carefully. In addition to the complex gameplay, it also has red blocks that will act like your enemy once you hit them, game over! One of the most interesting points of this game is that the users can control the ball’s speed. There will also be holes where you have to speed up to get past through it.

Tips and Tricks for Beginners

If you’re new to this game, here are some tips and tricks that can help you out. First, you try to run the farthest for you to get a high score. Run the highest score, and you will be the top 1 on the leaderboard! You have to look ahead of the terrain so you can choose the right location. Remember, always avoid the red blocks that can make you lose the game. For a better Rolling Ball 3D unblocked game experience, play it in full-screen mode.

Why Play Rolling Ball 3D?

This game is perfect for anyone because of its eye-catching neon 3D graphics and style. Another reason is its rapidly changing courses. It doesn’t get boring because the processes become more challenging and even more unpredictable! There are so many obstacles and roadblocks, as well as holes and killer walls.

If you want to challenge the one on top of the leaderboard, beat their high score so you can be on top! Now, you can forget about those endless-running games that you have played. It’s time to challenge yourself with Rolling Ball 3D!