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Salad Bar

Welcome to Salad Bar, where greens, grains, and proteins combine to create a culinary sensation! Salads have taken center stage with the world moving towards healthier lifestyles. Gone are the days when salads were just an appetizer; here, they are the main course! In Salad Bar, you are the chef in charge of crafting delicious, nutritious, and mouth-watering salads that even burger fans can’t resist. Will you create the next salad sensation? Dive into this gastronomic adventure and show the world that salads are the new burgers!


  1. Dynamic Ingredients: There are over 100 ingredients to choose from – vegetables, fruits, grains, cheeses, nuts, meats, and dressings.
  2. Chef’s Challenges: Special daily challenges to test your salad-making skills.
  3. Custom Salad Creations: Craft your recipes and share them with friends.
  4. Trending Salads: Keep up with real-world salad trends and offer them at your bar.
  5. Eco-Friendly Rewards: The fresher and more organic your ingredients, the more points you earn.
  6. Grow Your Own: Maintain a small garden to grow exclusive, rare ingredients.
  7. Customer Feedback: Earn customer reviews to improve your salad bar and unlock new ingredients.
  8. Healthy Fun: Learn about the nutritional value of different ingredients and how they benefit the body.

How to Play:

  • Select: Click or tap on ingredients to add them to the mixing bowl.
  • Mix: Drag your cursor or finger in a circular motion to mix the ingredients.
  • Serve: Drag the salad onto a plate and serve it to the waiting customer.
  • Manage Inventory: Keep an eye on stock and reorder ingredients as needed.
  • Upgrade: Use your earnings to buy new ingredients or upgrade your bar.


  • Keep up with trends and feedback to know which salads are in demand.
  • Freshly grown ingredients from your garden will fetch you higher points.
  • Time management is critical. Some salads take longer to prepare, so prioritize accordingly.


The bustling city of Greenville has seen a rise in health-conscious individuals. With fast food no longer the go-to choice, residents seek fresh, nutritious, and tasty alternatives. Recognizing this shift, you’ve decided to open “Salad Bar,” where taste meets health. As word spreads about your innovative recipes and fresh ingredients, more customers line up, making your Salad Bar the most sought-after spot in town. The crunch of fresh veggies has replaced the grill’s heat. Welcome to the green revolution, where salads reign supreme!


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