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Online Shooting Games

Shooting Games for shooting experts, Fans of shoot-em-ups will love our selection of shooting games. It offers loads of excitement and thrills as you assassinate your enemies. The marksmanship games are no longer restricted to expensive gaming console as you can enjoy playing different Shooting Games online for free on your favorite browsers unblocked to play from school, from office, and of course from home too.

You can find the largest collections of Shooting Games on Sonsaur which are all free to play on your PC. You can now play a wide variety of marksmen in different environments and sneak gradually through different levels while firing at your enemies on the way to take them down. Play as the futuristic assassin using the modern and futuristic weapons or simply enjoy the classic modes of the game to re-live the Doom game series and titles online.

Choose your weapons to play solo or you may unleash the ammo to play as a member of the multiplayer task force. The controls are the mouse and the keyboards and you can move around using the WSAD keys and aim with your mouse. With simple clicks, you can reload the guns and unload the launchers or use other weapons to kill the enemies.