Shopping Cart Hero 2

Fly as high as you can with your cart while accumulating bonus points. Make more cash in according to the higher you jump, and use the money to upgrade shopping carts. Shopping Cart Hero 2 comes with new tricks, baseball bats, a golden cart, and rocket engines that deliver a thrilling gaming experience. It is possible to receive bonus points by pressing the arrow keys to jump over the shopping cart at the correct time.

Earn additional points, decorate the character by wearing it a new hat or clothes, and bring a couple of goodies along the trip. Use various ground tricks to acquire accessories such as handstands, wheelies, and endos. The baseball bat can be used to blow items such as fruits and tree branches out of the tree. Key improvements of Shopping Cart Hero 2 include the themes. Improved ground with strangely blurred textures and razor-sharp edges that enhance the overall gaming experience.

Start by pressing the right arrow key and move. Use the arrow key to run and the upper arrow key to make the shopping cart to jump. When the character is up in the air, use the left and arrow keys to balance the movements.

Get extra points jumping higher, the tricks pull on air, and how trendy you are up in the air before the character lands down. Swing baseball bat with the space bar. It is also possible to perform a trick by pressing the right key combinations. These are known as the cheats. These techniques prove if an individual gamer is a hero or a villain.