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Snail Bob 2

Snail Bob realizing it’s his grandfather’s birthday. Now your goal is to get him safely there. The animation is relatively similar to the first episode, instead of a construction site the scenery is an enchanted forest.

You encounter many different types of forest creatures, like ants, caterpillars, and even a scary robotic snail that wants to steal Bob’s shell.

Snail Bob 2 Game Online

Snail Bob 2 game uses the same tool dynamic but, the added forest characters seem to increase the pleasure of game-play. It keeps the puzzles refreshing and exciting as opposed to frustrating, which can occur with the first episode.

Snail Bob 2 version has an increased number of levels from twenty to twenty-five, which increases the length of game-play, so that’s another plus. When you get to the final level of this series, you can watch Bob giving his grandfather’s present and joining the birthday party.