Snail Bob 3

In this third version, Bob visits a museum and touching something he shouldn’t, gets mysteriously transported to Egypt. It’s a drastic change in setting from the first two episodes, emphasized by the changing of color in the animation (from greens and blues to browns and yellows).

Snail Bob 3 Game Online

You are utilizing tools included around the levels to control Bob’s pace and maneuver him around obstacles and enemies, but now you are also tasked with collecting hidden stars. There are three stars on each level, finding them increases your score.

This episode maintains the level increase, with twenty-five in total, the series ends when you successfully return Bob to his home.

Each episode of Snail Bob is equally as unique, enticing, and visually-appealing. If you are a gamer who enjoys puzzle games with a simple point-and-click mechanism or nice looking to waste some time, these game series may be perfect for you.