Snail Bob 8

In snail bob 8, the cute and friendly snail will return once again, but this time he will find himself in a tropical world. The game starts with bob being separated from his grandfather while they were fishing. His unplanned journey brings him across the ocean to a dangerous tropical island. If not commanded, bob the snail will keep moving until he falls in a trap.

To get bob to stop and retreat into his shell, you will have to click on him or press the spacebar once. You can also boost his speed or make him turn around by clicking the icons for the given action on the top right corner.

Snail Bob 8 Game Online

You have two main concerns in this game – first to make sure bob is always heading in the correct direction, and the second is to interact with the outside world by pushing leavers, clearing obstacles, and chasing away hostile creatures.

Usually, sequels lose their appeal with each new edition of the game, but this is not the case with snail bob 8. The game developers have managed to keep the game fresh, fun, and full of humor like the previous versions.

The levels of the game have the same level of difficulty as the previous versions of the game, meaning the game is still easy to beat in very little time. But if you don’t manage to beat a level, you can always retry the level again.

The game also features numerous Easter eggs that refer to popular video games and movies, so this something you should look out playing the game. The only thing that will prove to be slightly hard in this game is finding stars, but thankfully, they are not necessary to get our snail back home.

The artists and game developers did a fantastic job of creating a great game. You can see that the game developers are very skillful and experienced in their craft. The attention to detail at every level is just amazing.

The cut-scene animations are also something that stands out in the game. They serve as a way for the game developers to tell us the story of the game and add a very professional feel to the game. In the end, the game is a lot of fun and deserves all the compliments it gets.