Snowcross Stunts X3M

Exciting snowboarding game. Awesome skier and snowboard characters. With its innovative, multi-level approach to snowboarding, Snowcross Stunts X3M is an incredibly exciting video game. Each level has a different set of obstacles that you must go through, and many times the challenges that you encounter will require you to use special moves or stunts to finish them off. It means that when you finally do reach the end of the level, you left with more than just the usual challenges.

Master New Stunts

The stunts that you learn throughout the game are the key to how you progress throughout the game. Stunts are a combination of jumping skills and tricks. Each one of these skill sets can be combined to do new stunts. There are a wide variety of stunts that you can find online, which will help you decide on which ones you would like to try. Unlock more stunts and make your game the most exciting ever.

Some of the stunts that you can learn can be a little too hard for your child. However, once you understand what they are all about and how they work, you will see that there is plenty of excitement and challenge to learn.