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Sports Heads Football

Football Heads is a popular online HTML5 game that involves either two players or a player and a computer that compete on a two-dimensional football, or for Americans: Soccer, field. Use your character to score goals in a 1vs1 match and win your way to the top of the championship. Game features can lead to hilarious antics that make the game amazing.

When you begin a tournament in Football Heads, whether for two players or a match or single player, you can select from a wide variety of teams and several different players.

Select your characters, choose options including weather, and even angry fans that can dramatically change up the gameplay. The angry fans can throw bottles onto the field, which can make it hard for one side or the other to score a goal or control their character. This lead to both frustrating and hilarious times when your characters would do flips while trying to kick the ball or would run into the bottle, which overall made the gameplay better and more re-playable.

Sports Heads Football Game Online

At first, the gameplay may be slightly confusing as no tutorial opens up to explain controls or demonstrate the mechanics of the game. Some challenging but fun at the same time. In some fields, it’s quite easy to hit the ball into your own goal repeatedly.

This game also managed to incorporate a few different features that you wouldn’t think of but come in handy while you’re playing. If you exit a tournament, it gives you the option of resuming that same tournament so, you don’t have to start all over again and deal with that frustration.

Overall, Football Heads is an incredibly fun game that you can play to escape for 20 or 30 minutes out of the day while on a home or school break. It’s just one of those games that you can jump into for a little while, have fun, and come out of relaxed and ready to go back to whatever you were doing.