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Supermodels Glossy Makeup

The glitz and glamour of the fashion world await you in Supermodel Glossy Makeup! In this immersive beauty salon game, you give three supermodels a glossy makeover that will set them apart on the runway.


Step into the shoes of a professional makeup artist. Your beauty salon is equipped with many high-end cosmetics designed to make your supermodels shine. The game starts with a tutorial to familiarize players with the tools of the trade.

  1. Makeup Products: You have a wide range of products, from sultry eyeshadows and glossy lipsticks to radiant blushes and volumizing mascaras. Mix and match to create a unique look for each supermodel.
  2. Contact Lenses: Sometimes, a change in eye color can elevate the whole look. Choose from a variety of shades to complement the makeup.
  3. Makeup Application: Drag the selected product and apply it carefully. Remember, precision is vital to a flawless finish.
  4. Before and After: Once you’re done, view a side-by-side comparison to admire your handiwork.
  5. Feedback: The supermodels will give you feedback on your makeup skills. Aim to please and make them shine!
  6. Unlockable Products: As you progress, unlock new, exclusive makeup products to expand your collection.


  • Diverse Supermodels: Cater to a variety of skin tones and facial features.
  • HD Graphics: Realistic graphics that provide a lifelike makeup experience.
  • Easy Controls: Simple drag-and-drop mechanism tailored for all ages.
  • Tutorials: Handy guides to assist newcomers in their makeup journey.
  • Endless Creativity: No two makeovers are the same. Let your imagination run wild!

Are you ready to dazzle the fashion world? Dive into the world of Supermodels Glossy Makeup and showcase your talent! With your skills and expertise, the runway is sure to be lit!