Tank Trouble

Here comes Tank Trouble online multiplayer tank game with simple instructions, gameplay, and graphics.

Game Modes in Tank Trouble

The game has a single-player mode, playing against Laika, the robot dog run by the computer and multiplayer to play tank trouble online with friends.

Tank Trouble game 3 player mode also available but still must be played on the same device—quick and refreshing break for the school, office, or home.


The rules are simple:

  1. Destroy Laika (the black Tank) before it kills you.
  2. Defeat your friends in multiplayer mode.


Navigate within a labyrinth with the four arrow keys on the keyboard. Blow up everything on your way.

Shooting is simple: the first player uses Q, the second player uses key M, and the third player shoots with left click on the mouse. With instructions so simple, but requires strategic thinking and quick reflexes.

There is a lot of strategies that go into the game. Use brains to get through each level. Every level has different tasks, go back to see if you can complete tasks you’ve missed, Play alone, or partner during a coffee break but don’t forget to Upgrade tanks.


Play Online Without Download

You can play Tank Trouble online but not on different devices, online means without download, you and your friend must play on the same device, on the same keyboard.

Avoid Ricochets

The game escalates in the level of difficulty the more it is played, banishing all possibility of boredom or exaggerated easiness. There is a crucial catch to this game. However — all bullets ricochet against the maze walls, making each shot a risky opportunity for victory or self-loss.

These balls do not disappear over time either, which means that players can corner themselves with their bullets if not careful!

Occasionally, a small silver square will appear in a specific part of the maze. If collected, this square will allow the person to shoot an infallible bullet at their enemy, thanks to the mapping out of the bullet’s route.


Game Design and Colors

With no colorful distractions and a cold, grey color scheme, Tank Trouble allows the player to concentrate while keeping one eye on the score found at the bottom of the panel.


tank trouble unblocked game at school is primal like the games of the early days of video games, People blowing things up in the old days of Contra and kicking butt in Double Dragon will appreciate that they can play with a partner in this game.