The N Game

The N Game is about the control of a Ninja who has to navigate levels while avoiding hazards, you need to collect gold, and open exit door to finish the level. Combos of moving up and down, and jumping through different types of terrains allow the ninja to perform a varied combination of movements.

The N game contained a total of 500 maps. The goal of each map or level is to trigger the switch that opens a door, and the Ninja must exit through it to the next level. You will fail if you don’t complete it within the allotted time.

The N Game Levels

Some levels have more than one exit and multiple switches, giving the player more freedom in choosing and strategizing their gameplay. Each episode has a cumulative time limit and increases while you sprint along and collect gold.

The time left is carried over to the next level and so on. However, on the final level, the time left will become that episode’s score. The N game unblocked also supports user-made levels, through a built-in editor called Ned or the N Editor.